Bailey Sarian Net Worth 2021


In the world of beauty, this Goddess mixed a little bit of crime and thriller, and today she is extremely famous for her unique ideas and passion for both makeup and mystery. Her videos cover tutorials related to makeup and several suspenseful full true stories about crime and drama.

You might think about how this works and where did she come up with such an interesting idea, this article will cover all details from her childhood to her net worth today. Continue reading and prepare to be shocked as you read amazing facts about this fashion queen.

About Bailey Sarian

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Bailey is a Youtuber, famously known for the way she presents her makeup tutorials and her crime-related content. She has a beautiful personality and glamourous looks with an amazing talent in the field of beauty and make-up. She is also an influencer and her excellent characteristics have made her grow at a very fast pace on the internet. Today she has around four million or plus subscribers on YouTube who love to watch her talk about crime, murder, and most importantly makeup.

Early Life And Family

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Bailey was born in California on the 29th of November, as of 2021 she is 32 years old. She has two siblings, both are sisters and she is also an aunt to her sister’s baby.

Looking at her education, she completed her school life at Paloma Valley High School, which is located in California as well. After school was over, she started to pursue her career in the field of makeup and her first job was at a very famous and amazing brand Sephora, this was a big changing job for her career. She knew that working in Sephora will help her grow rapidly.

On a fine day, she met Fernando Valdez, a famous tattoo artist, without knowing that he would be the love of her life. Total they are engaged and are living happily together. They soon adopted a pit bull terrier and kept it like their baby.

Her Career And Major Milestones

Her career began as a basic makeup artist, working for video shoots, bridal makeup, and similar things. Her fascination with crime and murder mystery began in her childhood when she saw her mom who was a 911 dispatcher answer calls and look at cases.

She didn’t directly jump to making makeup and crime-related videos on YouTube, during the initial years of her career she mostly freelance and worked under celebrities sometimes, but she couldn’t keep her fascination with crime away for long. After 6 successful years on her youtube channel, she decided to take a risk and added a story to her tutorial video. Before she realized it was a hit.

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Bailey Sarian

She started her YouTube channel in 2013.
Her first crime makeup video got 100,000 views in less than a day.

Net Worth

Her net worth is around 0.5 million dollars, her major earnings are through being a makeup artist and others through her YouTube Channel.