Humans Season 4: Release Date, Cast, News – 2021

Though the craze for science fiction is of a more recent origin, the inception of it can be traced a little earlier, with the release of the first season of Humans in 2015. To know everything about this TV series, check out this article.

A Peek Into The Storyline

The story revolves around the scientific and technological progress, the evolution of Artificial Intelligence that created robots intending to assist humans. The setting of the story is the Hawkins family of London. Joe and Laura, are on the verge of separation that has resulted from their failure to get time for each other. The need for having a helper comes in this regard and Joe plans to bring a synth to solve the problem. The arrival of Anita re-establishes order in the house. However, just after a few days, Laura discovers something alarming in its behavior.

Other stories are running simultaneously, whereby the viewers encounter strange relationships between humans and synths. In one particular story, an old widower has been shown obsessing over his expired synth whom he treats like his son. The series in general questions the relevance of human life in a society where a new form of life is emerging. It redefines life in a society where humans conflict with a more intelligent life-form.

The Cast

The principal cast consists of Katherine Jane Parkinson who played the role of Laura, Tom Goodman-Hill in the role of Joe Hawkins, and German Chan as Anita, the synth. The role of Niska, a synth with human sensibility, and the other synth Odi Are played by Emily Berrington and Will Tudor respectively. A whole lot of importance is attached to the role of Leo, the character being portrayed by Colin Morgan. All of them are seen in season 1 of the series.

Seasons 2 and 3 introduced other characters, the prominent ones are Milo Khoury, who works as a technical head under an institute producing synths. The role is played by Marshall Alman, featured in season 2. In season 3, apart from anyone else, the synth named Agnes played an important role. The role of Agnes was justified by the actress, Holly Earl.

When Can We Expect The Release?

All three seasons of Humans were released consecutively from 2015 to 2018, with each containing a united eight-episode structure. However, when the audiences were anticipating the release of yet another season in the following year and the news of its making was in the air too, no 4th season for the series came out.

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Things You May Want To Know About Humans Season 4

There has been a rumor of season 4 getting released right after the conclusion of season 3 in 2018. Since no such thing happened, the fans had a hard time assuming the cancellation of the show forever. However, there has been no notice in this regard and so, you still have a reason to think of its release in the future.

Summing It Up

‘Humans’ has created a history in giving a new dimension to the scientific thoughts of the era. It’s unfortunate for the fans not to have yet, a fourth season of the series.