Killing Bites Season 2 – Release Date, Story and Cast

With a single season of action-packed thriller and an unbelievable rethinking of scientific technologies, Killing Bites gave to the viewers such an entertaining science fiction that remains unchallenged to this day. If you are wondering whether the show will have a second season coming, all you have to do is read out this article.

A Peek Into The Story


The story revolves around a peculiar sort of game called Killing Bites that happens on the battlefield of the underground. The setting of the story is Japan where a certain technology is utilized in making a hybrid creature that can take dual forms of a human and a beast. The creatures are named Therianthropes. The protagonist of the story, Yuya, encounters one such Therianthrope when his friends try to abduct a girl.

The girl named Hitomi turns out to be a Therianthrope and Yuya’s friends succumb to death. The later part of the season shows Hitomi forcing Yuya to engage in the game by playing a role in gambling. The climax of the season comes when Yuya develops feelings for Hitomi but the latter assassinates him instructed by Shido. However, Yuya escapes and plans to take revenge on both. Season 2 is anticipated to be looking forward to the fate of the three. It may answer the questions that arose in season 1 regarding why Shido wanted to end Yuya’s life and how did the latter survive.

The Cast


Season 2 in all probability will come up with new figures for the cast. However, the primary ones will remain unchanged for sure. The major cast of the show consists of three characters. The first important character is definitely, the protagonist of the show, Yuyi Nomoto, a university student who falls prey to the wrong-doings of his friends and is dragged into the underground world of life-taking battles.

The second important character is Hitomi Uzaki, the character monitoring the fate of the Yuyi. She is the one who engages him in the deadly game and finally embarks on the mission of killing him. The other significant character is the villain of the story, Reiichi Shidu. He is the mastermind of the creation of these battles and fundamental in weaving the plan of killing Yuyi.

When Can We Expect The Release?


Although no official notice has yet been received regarding the release of the second season, in all probability it will be launched sometime between 2022 and 2023. Everything depends on the decision of the production house.

Things You May Want To Know About Killing Bites Season 2


The story of the Killing Bites is originally taken from the Japanese manga of the same name. The manga consisted of 10 volumes, of which season 1 had already incorporated 7 volumes. However, it is recently said that 16 more volumes are in the process of adding to the original manga, which brings us to the conclusion that season 2 is unofficially in the process of being made.

Summing It Up

Finally, it can be said that the series has created a great impact on the fans and it is primarily, the fan’s request for a long time that will ultimately lead to the creation of a 2nd season.