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Marriage is not a license to engage in discordant sexual activity. The concept of marital rape began to be hotly debated after Bobbitt case. Lorena Bobbitt attracted massive international attention after severing her husband’s genitalia when he was sleeping.

You might know about this case, but what more do you know about Lorena Bobbitt? Do you want to know about her career, family, personal life, and net worth? Did you know that they’ve also made a public appearance together after divorce? Well, a lot of surprise encounters await you. If you’re all set, let’s begin.

About Lorena Bobbitt

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Lorena Bobbitt gained international media coverage on 23rd June 1993 when she severed the genitalia of her sleeping husband, John Bobbitt. Lorena claimed that she was raped by him that night, and after he slept, she went to drink water and further took an 8’ knife and severed his genitalia.

With the separated organ in her hand, she left her residence in a car. Owing to the difficulties in driving, she disposed of it “somewhere on the road” and called 911. The organ was later found and surgically reattached after a ten-hour operation.

Lorena was arrested on the same night. The trials revealed that Lorena was in an “abusive relationship” and was a victim of “forced abortion”. Further, Lorena was suffering from “clinical depression (and) post-traumatic stress disorder” and lived in “constant fear of him (her former husband)”.

Lorna was declared innocent as she was in a state of “insanity” that caused an “irresistible impulse” to wound John sexually. Also, she had to serve a 45-day observation period in Central State Hospital, Virginia, before her formal release. Moreover, a bench of twelve judges acquitted John. They got legally separated in 1995, and John appeared in a few adult movies post-recovery.

Early Life And Family

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Lorena Bobbitt (Gallo) was born on 31/10/1970 in Bucay town of Ecuador. After the incident, she adopted her earlier surname Gallo that replaced Bobbit. She married John Bobbitt in 1989, and according to her, John hit her on her chest even before they barely completed one month of wedlock. Further, they received a divorce in 1995 after the famous Bobbitt case.

After this case, she found herself in court in 1997 with the charges of physically assaulting her mother. However, she was deemed not to be guilty and was consequently released after a two-hour trial.

Lorena Bobbitt is in a relationship with David Bellinger. However, they are not yet married. Lorena has a daughter named Olivia.

Career And Major Milestones

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Significant milestones in the life of Lorena Bobbitt include:

1. Lorena visited Ecuador in 1996 and had dinner with President Abdala Bucaram.
2. She started working in a beauty parlor in the city of Washington DC in 2007.
3. In 2007, she pioneered ‘Lorena’s Red Wagon Organization” for sheltering victims of domestic violence.
4. In 2009, they both appeared together in “The Insider”.
5. In 2009, Amazon released a documentary series, “Lorena”, based on the incident.
6. Lorena was the narrator and executive producer of the 2020 movie “I Was Lorena Bobbitt”.

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Lorena Bobbitt.

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The term ‘bobbitize’’ originated after this incident.
The Bobbit Worm, which plunges on the prey with its jaws resembling scissors, was named after this incident.

Net Worth of Lorena Bobbitt

The latest updates reveal that Lorena Bobbitt has a net worth of $0.6 million. If you’re wondering how she mustered this much wealth, then the Amazon series “Lorena” will be the most obvious answer.