Mrs.Fletcher Canceled – Review, Release Date, and Cast 2021

One of the most loved series on HBO is having a tough time for its next season! Have you watched this amazing drama series? Mrs. Fletcher, starring Kathryn Hahn, was loved across all age groups and everyone is confused and eager to know what happened that made the series limited to just one season. So here we go!

Mrs. Fletcher Season 1

The first season focuses on Mrs. Fletcher dropping off her only son to college and then being alone in the house. This loneliness leads to an exciting journey for her. She explores and understands herself going through emotional and sexual barriers. Simultaneously, her son goes on his college adventure and experiences all his ‘firsts’. This normal yet exciting storyline has got all of its fans hooked to it right from the pilot.



Mrs. Fletcher has made a statement that not just shows with a bad rating get canceled. The show had an 82 percent Tomatometer and a 75 percent audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes so it’s safe to say that it was a very well-received program.

The show had a strong star cast ultimately giving them a wide fan base. Reviews for the series from all over the world were fairly positive as well. Kathryn’s acting combined with the sensuous, relatable path of life caught the attention of everyone.

Despite all this success, we see the show standing still. There are no provisions for a sequel and fans are disappointed. Let’s see what has gone wrong.

Season 2 Canceled?

It is somewhat of news that HBO has declared Mrs. Fletcher to be a ‘limited’ series. Of course, we didn’t expect it to be that limited! It turns out that the second season for this series is canceled and no, it will not be renewed too.

As sad as it is, the directors of the show have decided to keep it short and sweet. This series is an adaptation of a book with the same name written by Tom Perotta. The story of the book itself ends where the series does and as there is no sequel to the book, we can not expect a new season unless the directors and the story writers give it their all. So it’s not about the creation but the source material itself!

If you noticed, a few articles with regards to the show have referred to its final episode as ‘series finale’ rather than the ‘season finale’. We all miss the hints, don’t we? Moreover, the creators of this series do not wish to reveal the future of it at all as they think they have left it on a perfect destination and all characters in their right places.

Summing it up

Mrs. Fletcher Season 2 is officially canceled and many of the crew have admitted to an overall pack-up. However, we do have hopes if Tom Perotta, out of nowhere, comes up with a sequel to the book! We hope HBO picks up on the excitement of the fans and tries to come up with a sequel. Until then!