7 Reasons Why Podcasting Matters for Business Marketing

If you have ever taken pleasure in listening to a random radio show then you will absolutely love podcasts, since they prove to be an upgraded version one can enjoy anytime they like. Namely, a podcast show can be downloaded and listened to on-demand, so one should not fear missing an interesting part of the story being discussed because they had something else to focus their attention on. This could also be the perfect way for you to promote your business since you can gain access to the exact target group you want, while the chances they will find you as well are major. Thus, read about that and other reasons why podcasting matters for your business marketing in the lines below.

The Statistics

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Numbers are fearless, and they show no mercy, and precisely because of that should you consider them if you mean business. Well, they say that more than half of U. S. citizens have listened to a podcast at least once, and the number of active users is constantly increasing. When something gains in popularity as the case is with the podcasts, the chances more people will give it a try are considerable. Since this is still a relatively new trend and is going nowhere but sky-high, you might want to make use of it while the timing is right.

Cheaper than the Alternatives

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When compared to alternative means of promoting various types of services and products, podcasts prove to be a less costly option. Namely, vlogging and other forms of video marketing might be delivering what you expect, but they also cost significantly more. All you need to start podcasting is a decent quality microphone and a platform where you will upload your content, so you can actually put the whole idea into action for as much as around 90 bucks. Also, you would need to spend less on the maintenance than you would have to finance any sort of video promotion. Taking all things into account, this proves to be a cheaper solution that delivers at least the same results as the alternatives, especially suitable for smaller companies.

Laidback Consumption

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Another thing that puts podcasting in front of competitive ways of business marketing is the way the media itself is envisaged to be consumed, and that is without any special attention. Considering that the content should be non-binding, you can expect your listeners to consume your podcast anytime, anywhere, no matter what they are doing. Whether it is while they drive from home to work or vice versa, or while they drink their morning coffee, it does not really matter. The point is they feel as if they were in the good company of your podcast host and that they can either stop or resume the show whenever they feel like it.

Making it Personal

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You should be aware that we live in a consumer society, where people buy stuff and pay for services not because they utterly need them, but because they have been told to. Now, a person gets bombarded by various pieces of information and either consciously or subconsciously decides which ones to accept. The conscious info a person generates usually comes from trusted sources; thus, it is your host’s job to make your listeners believe what you have to say. That sort of connection should be constituted by making the listener establish a relationship with the product or a service that you offer, or in other words, they need to feel as if they need what you have to offer. To make that happen, you need to have your podcast produced in a certain manner, and Poddster has all the necessary information on how to do that most optimally.

Your Customers = Your Audience

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It is of crucial importance to stay within a subject once you start a podcast. Surely, you might get a few ideas in which direction you would want the project to develop, but you should not forget that the point of your podcast is to represent your company. If you manage to handle everything the way it should be handled, you should expect the number of your listeners to grow. Make sure you use the benefits provided by social platforms and link them to the official company’s website. You might consider promoting your podcast aggressively until you reach a satisfactory number of followers, so you do not need to spend additional money on online advertising once you get where you want.


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Do not hesitate to work with another brand in order to increase the reach of your podcast. Collaborations are a necessity nowadays, especially because you might need to steal every listener available and jealously keep them for yourself. Jokes aside, but we should draw your attention to numerous influencers and their fan bases. We need to emphasize that a vast majority of them started from the bottom and elbowed their way to the top. Others were smart enough to realize the importance of working together and have climbed up the ladder more easily. We advise you to do the same since partnering up with another company whose interests do not confront yours can work wonders when publicity is in question.

SEO Content

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Online marketing would be futile if the product you promote cannot be found when one searches for it. That is why search engine optimization is of utter importance since the carefully selected words and topics put you in front of the competition. The same approach can be used in podcast marketing since you can use particular keywords that will enable your website to rank higher.
The podcast as a show has not yet reached its peak, but the opportunities it provides as a marketing tool are not to be neglected. Hopefully, we have brought you closer to the idea of how it can make your business marketing grow. Surely, the more you invest in a podcast project the more should you expect in return, but bear in mind that ignoring its potential can cause you more harm than good, especially because the competition never sleeps and will not fail to seize the opportunity once it arises.