Taken Season 3 – Release Date, Storyline and Cast

Thriller, drama, suspense, and action, the previous 2 seasons of Taken upheld everything that has entertained the viewers no less than the movie from which it is derived. There’s no wondering why people are still looking for a third season now. If you too are waiting to know the release date of the 3rd season of the series, this article will tell you all.

A Peek Into The Storyline

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The story originates from a point of acute hunger and loss in the life of the protagonist, Bryan Mills. The audiences are meant to feel the trauma that hangs over the young man and how it affects his life. The protagonist finally grows up to work as a spy of the Central Intelligence Agency. The 1st season shows the death of Bryan’s sister in a terrorist attack caused by Carlos Mejia. The story proceeds on telling how this loss of his personal life slowly inflicts revenge upon his mind.

His attempt to assassinate Mejia is nearly successful but, at the climactic moment, the appearance of Christina Hart who happens to be a member of the CIA prevents the action. While Mejia is arrested, Mills is involved in the affairs of the agency. The trauma from his past still keeps haunting him. Season 2 depicts the skills while working for the agency. He is imprisoned in a Mexican jail but eventually escapes from there and embarks on other successful campaigns across the world.

The Cast

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The most important figure of the cast is the protagonist, Bryan Mills. The role of Mills is played by Clive Standen. Next to him in importance is the character of Christina Hart who introduces Mill in the CIA. In both seasons, Jennifer Beals has been cast in the role of Hart.

The story involves several eminent figures whose presence holds much significance in the progress of the narrative. One such is the hacker of the CIA, named Kilroy. This role is played by Adam Goldberg. Although there has not been any announcement regarding the release of the third season, if it ever comes up, at least the main characters will remain unchanged.

When Can We Expect The Release?

Though the fanbase of the thriller has been enormous, the production house has declared that there has been no such plan to create a third season of the show, as of now. There was once a plan to launch the 3rd season in May 2018, but it was later canceled.

Things That You May Want To Know About Taken Season 3

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There has been much discussion on the plot of the supposedly coming 3rd season. One such rumor reveals that if the 3rd season is launched, it may focus more on either the personal life of Mills or his career in the CIA.

Summing It Up

In conclusion, it can be said that there might have been an official cancellation of the 3rd season in 2018, but this has not stopped the optimistic fans to anticipate the release of the same sometime or other. Let’s just cross our fingers and hope for the best!