The Order Season 3 – Cast, Release Date and Review 2021

The Order is a paranormal fiction web series from the creator Dennis Heaton. The previous two seasons released on Netflix have gained quite popularity and the followers are eagerly waiting to know what’s next.

A Peek Into The Storyline

The first season of the series revolves around a college-going boy Jack Morton who becomes a part of a restricted community – The Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose. He innocently believes it to be a simple organization and joined it with a vision to create a network. Shortly, he learns that it is no simple organization, but a team full of sorcerers who exercise and train sorcery. As he digs farther into the secrets, he gets to know some dark unrevealed information about his ancestry. Soon he gets entangled amidst a war between the sorcerers and the werewolves.

Season 2 of the same which aired in 2020 shows unlikely allies joined hands to put an end to the magical apocalypse. The second season made a catastrophic end with the death of a lead character.

Season 3 of this series, though not yet released, was expected to come with a twist in the tale. Alyssa was expected to return as a negative character.

The Cast

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The powerful lead role of Jack Morton has been beautifully acted out by Jack Manley. He portrayed his role as a fresher to the Belgrave University and a new hire to the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose.

The second major character of Alyssa Drake was wonderfully played by Sarah Grey. She beautifully leads the character of Alyssa, who is also a student at the same university. Additionally, she is also a guide for the university.

Other lead characters like Pete Morton, Edward Coventry, and Gabrielle Dupres have been acted out by Matt Frewer, Max Martini, and Loriza Tronco respectively.

All the cast members acted out their respective roles very well which resulted in the success of both the previous seasons among its viewers.

When Can We Expect The Release

Nothing can be predicted at the moment. The makers of the web series are currently confused as to whether they would make an extension of the same or not. Though the previous episodes were aired on Netflix, they called off the third season from airing on their platform.

The primary reason for canceling the release is low ratings on the platform. It couldn’t gain much audience on the platform for which Netflix decided to cut off the episodes of the third season.

Things You May Want To Know About The Order Season 3

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Netflix refuses to broadcast the third season of The Order, but with the rising demand of the audiences, the maker is planning to come up with a movie on the same instead of a web series.

Summing It Up

The urge of its existing viewers is still wanting and waiting to see more. Even though Netflix refused to renew, the maker is not giving up on making it as a film if not a series.