What is CuLauncher: About, Uses & How to Remove It – 2021 Guide

Windows Operating System is one of the most used software all over the world. It is prone to virus attacks and much more. CuLauncher has been specially designed to take care of this drawback.

About CuLauncher

The pandemic has got all of us working from home. Mobiles, laptops, and tablets are being used in every household. CuLauncher comes into the picture to make sure that these devices are used to their optimal extent.

CuLauncher is a unique component. It will make Windows more secure and reliable. It is a part of the Windows Operating System. It is a windows OS component and was introduced with Windows 10. The CuLauncher will make the functioning of windows hassle-free. It is an executable file and also is known as a quad launcher or CUAssistant component.

CuLauncher is an official file of Windows 10. It’s designed to improve the functioning of Windows systems. Cu stands for Cumulative Update. It’s a valuable update in the system as security has become a necessity. Many users label CuLauncher as Malware.

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The feature was recently added to the Windows Operating system to make the device secure and give it a boost. The operating system is installed on these devices. It ensures automatic updates for the device software at fixed intervals to keep up the device performance in comparison to the old versions.

The computer ensures its optimization, and the user does not need to worry about sifting through programs that need to be updated.

There are also some drawbacks. The user is unaware of the programs and software that are added, removed, or upgraded in the system. This feature could negatively impact the device. It could also cause adversities in the interface.

Controversies on CuLauncher

The users have stated that it is disruptive and corrupt. CuLauncher is an executable program that runs a series of operations on the operating system.

The problem is that while executing this program it opens a backdoor for cyberattacks by hackers or malware viruses. The user’s data is at risk as it can be leaked. The hackers can steal the data stored on the device or corrupt the device driver.

Manu users have labeled CuLauncher as a trojan computer virus. This is the reason why many users are uninstalling the component. The malware attacks have affected the shortcut and desktop backgrounds have been changed.

It has also removed critical computer files and changed system configurations. Many times it has disabled security programs and slowed down system updates. Applications have become unresponsive. This is extremely harmful to the device as well as the user.

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Method for removing ‘CuLauncher.exe’ from Browser

The users can uninstall CuLauncher by implementing the following steps. There are different steps for Google and Mozilla Firefox.

These steps can be followed to remove CuLauncher from Google. The user has to click on Google Chrome and press Alt+F. This will lead the user to Tools and then one click on Extensions The user has to search for ‘CuLauncher.exe’ and remove it.

The user can use this method if they are using Mozilla Firefox. The user has to open Open Firefox and has to press Ctrl+Shift+A. The user has to search for ‘CuLauncher.exe’ and then disable it.

Final Words

This new component in Windows 10 left its users with mixed reviews. CuLauncher is rated as both malignant and secure by its users. CuLauncher has its own set of advantages as well as drawbacks.